Git Update Branch Latest Changes

Git how to update branch with latest develop changes

Assuming that you have a branch develop that you want to merge into your current branch, the git command to update your current branch with the latest changes from develop is: git merge develop

This command will merge the latest changes from the develop branch into your current branch, incorporating any new commits that have been made on develop. If you want to make sure that your branch is up-to-date with develop before merging, you can first fetch the latest changes from the remote repository using: git fetch origin

And then switch to your develop branch and pull the latest changes: git checkout develop git pull origin develop

Then switch back to your current branch and merge the changes from develop: git checkout <your-branch> git merge develop

Note that there may be conflicts when merging changes from develop, in which case you will need to resolve them manually before committing the merge.

Written on February 16, 2023